HSE Policy

It is our policy at ubterra Energy Resources to engage in the execution of all our projects in a manner that will prevent hazardous conditions. Community affairs, health, safety, envinronment and security condition at the place of work is of utmost importance. To achieve this, the following rules must be adhered to at all times;

Drigs, narcotics, alcohl, guns and other weapons are completely prohibited. Their use or possession by employees may result in summary dismissal.

All employees are to be given appropriate HSE training and are to attend all HSE meetings.

Good Housekeeping is key to a safe environment. Employees are expected to keep work area orderly and well maintained as well as report any unsafe acts or situations to supervisors.

Every activity must be suspended if the employees feel that the job cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy and report such cases to supervisors.

In laying down this policy which is centered on the preservaton of life and property, we have the firm belief that HSE Management is a line management responsibility and everyone is responsible for HSE.

The cooperation of all is expected so that the policy will be enforced at all times by every employee or subcontractor thus delivering a safe project.

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